Welcome to Eve Kredit, Eve Onlines own credit reporting bureau.

Each character may request it's own credit report once a year for free. Otherwise, credit reports on all character cost 20 million isk payable to the ingame corporation. You may purchase 30 days of unlimited credit reports for 100 million isk, payable to the ingame corporation.

Each character starts off with an internal score of 1500 points. Each character scores points or loses points based on reports by other characters in the game. You must have a +2000 score to report on other characters credit and paid either for the unlimited 30 days or a 20 million isk fee per report.

Points are added or removed based on actions reported in game. Point values and weight of reporting characters are arbitrary and decided by me through some algorithm and are subject to change at any time as I see fit. Highest weighted reports will be Eve Kredit Admin, then Eve Kredit scripted changes (for example adding API), then characters based on credit at time of report.

Once a night, scores are normalized into a bell curve, with the average character receiving a credit score of 1500 the character with the highest points receiving 3000, the character with the lowest points receiving 0, and finally all others from 1 to 2999 in between.

The character is then given a rating based on your percentile rank. Top 5% rated extremely trustworthy, top 10% trustworthy, 20% likely trustworthy, 30% nuetral, 50% untrustworthy, 60% very untrustworthy, and all others awox likely.

Any report may be contested for a fee of 20 million isk. An admin will then research the report and make a decision to remove, modify, or maintain the report.